5.0 Writing Services For Academic Essays is a website which offers writing services for academic essays, research papers, ficitional writing and business writing. However, it does not provide the services itself. Website Overview

The website’s homepage shows you the options you can choose from whichever type of writing you are looking for. When you make your choice you are redirected towards a list of providers for that specific type of writing. That means that the website is merely an advertiser or a search assistant for the customer and not a provider itself, nor does it have its own writers.

The website is not at all well designed or advanced. You only have the options we just mentioned outside on the homepage with a few other unrelated links and advertisements. So, it is barely a keyword list for Google search. It seems as if the website was actually just done according to a default template given to newly constructed websites.

Topwriter Review

Firstly, since there are no actual services provided on the website, but rather just search assistance or keyword listing, it is difficult to find a review anywhere on the internet. That is simply because customers do not get the chance to try an actually set of services from topwriter.That is why we were not able to even find any customer testimonials or ratings. That in itself says something about the website’s performance.

Our topwriter review would not say much more than what was described about the website’s design and the supposed service offered on it. The website provides no actual set of services as previously mentioned, and therefore cannot be reviewed for any. There is not even an ability to give it a rating for same reason, because there is nothing on it to be rated in the first place.

For top writer to perform well, it needs to first create a distinguishable identity for itself, through a logo, having a customized website and making clear what its offerings are. It should then try to survey customers or request a review form to be filled by its customers in order to make available on the internet the experiences of several customers with the website’s services. That would surely be reassuring to potential customers.