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TheUniTutor Review: to Choose or not to Choose



Students should combine studying with having fun if they want to bear in mind that special period of life as the most fascinating and engaging. As a rule, hectic schedules don’t give them the opportunity to enjoy their student’s life to the full. Online essay writing services are aimed to simplify their life. They provide students with a great chance to spend more time with their family and friends and devote more time to more important assignments. is one of the most used paper writing services in the UK.


How Does It Work?

With TheUniTutor, you won’t have problems with the service’s credibility because this platform has been working in the custom papers writing field since 2002. The service is out of your league if you’re on a tight budget. The average price for a one-page essay is $101. A regular student can’t afford it. Even regular TheUniTutor’s discounts up to 15% don’t make the service affordable for students with a decent standard of living. As you can see, the platform is targeted for the riches.

TheUniTutor’s office is located in London. A quick Google search will show you a magnificent tower as their location. However, if you read about this building at the Wikipedia page, you won’t find such a company on any floor of this tower. Unfortunately, such a fake address doesn’t add credibility to this platform.


Why Opt for The Uni Tutor

As there are tons of academic paper writing services on the web, let’s point out why you need to choose this one:

1. Premium Quality. Customers achieve works written by graduates from the specific discipline. You don’t need to worry about the quality of your paper since professionals only begin on your assignment.

2. Meeting Deadlines. They say they do deliver all tasks on time.

3. Online Reputation. When you order an academic paper online, it is very important to find a trustworthy writing service. There are numerous companies that provide not original essays but this service has an unblemished reputation as for the quality of writing.

4. Best Writing Staff. With this site, you can be sure that your paper will be composed by the representatives of Oxbridge and Ivy League writers. Most papers are written in British English.

5. Variety of Sevices. A student can order any type of assignment he or she needs: a critical or persuasive essay, a dissertation of any kind, a law assignment, a research, and many more.


Disadvantages of the Service

There’re some imperfections that spoil the overall appearance of the website:

1. No Refund Policy. Take a closer look at their refund policy. They say that clients do not have any right to cancel his assignment once the company has accepted it to fulfill. They agree with such a Policy by default.

2. Very High Price. As we noticed above, this writing platform is out of your pocket if you have a limited budget. As a student, you can’t afford to order an academic paper on their site if only you have rich parents who grant you lots of money.

3. Misunderstanding with Location. It sounds strange that the official location marked on the website is fake. How can a reputable website explain this blind spot?

4. Ineffective Customer Service. Get ready that a support manager will be very busy when you need his help. Moreover, if you write something like this: ”you seem to be busy to reply.” They can easily ban you.

5. One Payment Method. Unfortunately, you’re not able to pay with your credit card or choose any other payment method. The service gives you an opportunity to pay with PayPal only.


Price Policy

There are different prices for different countries. If you are from the USA or Canada, you will get an A\A+ grade for nearly $144, but if you are from India, your best price can account for $38. You must admit, that the prices are too high for an essay writing service without working Refund system.


How to Order an Assignment

Once you’ve come to the site, at the top of the page you can see the Order Now button. Then you need to fill in all the details about yourself and your assignment. The next step is to pay for your order with PayPal only.

The Uni Tutor can hardly be named as the best writing service but it boasts numerous pros. We can’t recommend the Uni website with implicit trust, but it’s clear that for big money your assignment will be done without mistakes and on time.