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The name of this essay writing website suggests that the company offers papers to interested pupils and gives out their low-cost content for affordable prices, plus sets a cheap price for the academic level customer order. Is this service one of the best around or at the very least a respectable one? Can their friendly prices mean that the quality of papers is lacking? Can poor students really get some help from this service, or is it a company that is not worth even a spare pocket change?

Realy That Cheap?

The brand attracts a lot of attention based on its name alone, students are always looking for ways to save up their money and leave something to spend on personal interests. The company does understand that and they have some empathy.

When you first visit the website, you can clearly see that the site is offering the price that would save students around thirty percent without an order discount. This is a statement based on research of ninety-two similar writing services! Simple and effective design of the page is filled with other promises that give us a bit of faith. Even though the price of the paper is important, this is not the only thing we should concentrate on.


List of Services


The variety of writing services is quite important, as scholars can get assignments of any kind, being it a regular essay or a Master and PhD caliber paper. When you bump into a quality site, you can order any type of paper there. The range is somewhat limited here, the site does not have any outstanding diversity on their list, and they have no option to order a dissertation work, which has to be heavily requested. The content in the form of term and research papers, case studies and presentations, movie and book reviews is popular, but they need to expand their range of writing to the more complex assignments. You can’t order any paper here, but there are still enough offers on the table.


Quality of the Content

This is one of the most alarming problems, as this is the most important thing when ordering any paper from the site. If your paper is written by a non-native speaker who doesn’t have the highest academic education, and if you can do a better job than a designated writer, then what’s the logic in ordering?

Papers of such quality are useless, they a not worth anything. All the critics repeat the same thing, and that usually occurs when there’s a real problem with the quality. Positive reviews on the website are not giving us any confidence, a quality of a paper we ordered was far from perfect, but the order arrived to us before the deadline. Still, the end product couldn’t be edited due to having the lowest of standards.

Info on the Price

While ordering a paper from this place we found out that there’s some truth to the Cheap Writing Service banner. We also bumped into some heavily overpriced hands of work that were the opposite of cheap. There is a list of things that have any influence on the price, like the number of pages, urgency, your level of expertise.

Strangely enough, the type of assignment and the price didn’t correlate whatsoever – the same rate was applied for all school, academy, university, college and PhD papers. Since the price of our order was cheap, we will give this company a pass here. A loyalty program is non-existent, the same thing could be said about the discounts, which is a huge disadvantage.

Customer Support Service

Contact between the customer and the company is critical, as everyone who gives their money away should have an opportunity to track down the progress of the work done. Gladly, things are not as bad here.

This site has a chat window where we can get the answers on the questions that interest us the most, plus the agents can be contacted via the phone number provided on the “Contact Us” page of their site too, but we advise you to try the chat option, as we got a response faster there.


If we look at all the pros and cons that we discovered while interacting with this service, it will become clear that there are a lot of other viable options around. Fairly cheap prices are not worth the risk of getting a mediocre result at best. This site still has a long way to go until reaching the pinnacle of online writing services.

They can improve everything and entertain the idea of bumping some prices down, so they would play down to their own name. We can see some promise in this website, but all in all, there’s still a lot of negatives that scare us off. We would recommend you to think long and hard about the prospect of purchasing at!