123HelpMe.com Review


123HelpMe.com Review

123HelpMe.com is a non-standard member of the essay writing services community on the Internet. Their main product is an inspiration and not an execution. Their goal is to create sizeable online storage of original papers to provide customers with a massive and diversified research basis. They claim that by submitting their works to the service writers or owners keep intellectual property and give only the right of use to the website that represents its respect to the copyright regulations.

What papers do they offer?

123HelpMe created and organized the extensive collection of essays, research and term papers. On the start page, you can either seek for an appropriate paper typing a keyword into an input box or scroll down and choose one of the categories of essay composition or the prevalent themes of Social Issues, Healthcare and Humanities. More topics are available in a hidden list so you can find what you are looking for faster.

Search results that you can sort by the length of the paper, its relevance and color rating appear in the form of the list with a short description for each suggestion. The color tag allows quicker orientation within showed written works. Its code is available on the top of the page and features free, good, better, strong and powerful essays, term and research papers. On the FAQ section though there is another explanation for colors that states that is based on the length, age, reviewed by service status and quality of the work. With red, orange and yellow marked texts users should be careful since they can get not the level they were hoping for.

All suggestions come with previews for a brief familiarization. In some occasions, the entire essay can be not notably longer than its short version because of the service negligence. Users can contact the customer support at this situation only via e-mail that will already make the process longer. And their issue will likely get no satisfaction since 123HelpMe is essentially a library and they are not the party that is fully responsible for the informativity as well as the representation of the paper content. Especially since writers can access and edit their papers after the donation. Assuredly as a qualified librarian they should check books for lost pages and inappropriate inscriptions but monitoring of their performance showed that they couldn’t provide absolute conformity to the declared properties for the existing volume.

How much does it cost?

Some time ago the service moved from pay-per-paper to period payments system. They offer three subscription plans for 30 days ($29.95), three months ($59.95) and a year ($9.95/month) that for the student budget can be expensive. If customers want to cancel their memberships, they should do that at a week notice to avoid charging for the next equal period.

Despite the website statements their free essays are really hard to find even using specially designated section with an alphabetical index on the bottom of the homepage. And 123HelpMe hasn’t offered discounts lately that doesn’t market them as a loyal and affordable service.

Do the quality correspond with the prices?

Even considering that the site provides only research materials and there are default quality tags, the quest for acceptable level work can remind a lottery. Whether these are competence, composition, structure or grammar issues, you’ll need to spend some time to bring this source in order, that mostly nullifies the service helpfulness.

The idea of the vast essays repository is appealing. But its implementation by 123HelpMe can’t be evaluated as successful. They failed in the fundamental aspect of the quality service – providing the announced product for the reasonable price.

Customer Reviews

Read or lose

At the last day of the period, I tried to cancel my subscription. Turns out I should've done that few days ago! And now they're gonna charge me again! Ridiculous! This information should not only be written in the terms and conditions that nobody ever reads! Normal services put that in FAQ, e-mails, etc. Not even you don't get what you're looking for but should pay until you don't plead for release in time!


Poor quality

Bought a one-month subscription and was completely frustrated with the service quality. For one of the required topic, I found only a few papers. One of them was short, another was written in some language that I can hardly identify as English. Thrown away 30 bucks.


No free offers

Found this website while looking for essay examples. Waste an hour searching out free papers on my topic. Tried to contact the customer support via e-mail. All I got was some short standard message after two days waiting with no resolution for my issue. After reading reviews for this service, I'm happy that I haven't even signed up.